Mobil lubricants – a brand for everyone

Mobil lubricants – a brand for everyone

The Mobil lubricants range is designed to meet the needs of the market. These two world renowned brands and the family of engine oils deliver critical performance and protection beyond conventional oils for consumers

A passion for the best

Mobil 1 advanced fully synthetic engine oil is at the forefront of technical innovation, helping drivers achieve their passion for ultimate performance.

Protecting what you love, always Mobil Super is a premium engine oil brand with products that are formulated to offer robust protection and preserve engine life.


Diverse Product Range

Mobil™ was the first major oil supplier in the UK to develop a range of engine oils designed to meet all the demands of gasoline and diesel engines required by GM vehicles across Europe. As the world leader in synthetic engine oil, nothing works harder to keep your vehicle running at peak performance.

Product Range

Mobil 1 Excellent performance in modern engine designs. Mobil 1 meets/exceeds the requirements of the latest industry standards and toughest OEM specifications. Enabling technology for modern engines relying on very low viscosity grades. Mobil 1 helps keep your engine running like new!

Mobil Super Mobil Super’s balanced formulation is designed to provide an excellent level of protection in daily driving conditions, with all-in-one protection. Mobil Super is developed for multiple or targeted OEM applications.

Mobil Manual Gear Oils Introducing Manual Transmission,

specifically designed to compliment Mobil Oils. The range offers coverage for 81% of the total UK vehicle parc.


Explore the new format

Innovative lubricant container for the workshop

Mobil Boxx™ Package & Rack Specs

The Mobil Boxx™ offers a new kind of solution for the storage of engine oils in motor vehicle workshops. It is a tear-resistant, 20 litre plastic bag safely stored in a stable cardboard box. Using a connected tap, the required amount of oil can be dispensed in a clean and simple way. This makes oil changes noticeably easier.

20L Mobil Boxx ™ ExxonMobil ™

Mobil Branded Oil Rack

Mobil Branded 5L Oil Jug

*Racks and jugs subject to availability

One Box – Every Advantage

• Space-saving storage • Simple and cost-effective disposal

• 20 litre container that is easy to handle • Reduced oil leakages in the workshop • Clear type designation, reducing confusion between product


Small Pack

Mobil Super 3000 XE 5W-30 Mobil Super 3000 XE 5W-30 is a

Mobil Super 3000 Formula V 5W-30 Mobil Super 3000 Formula V 5W-30 delivers excellent high and low temperature performance, provides wear-protection and improved engine cleanliness.

Mobil Super 3000 X1 5W-40 Mobil Super™ 3000 X1 5W-40

high performance, low ash engine oil designed to help prolong engine life and maintain the efficiency of the exhaust emission reduction systems in both diesel and gasoline powered passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and vans. This product is recommended for use in Mercedes vehicles and a wide range of European cars and light-duty commercial vehicles with oil specifications built on the ACEA C3 and/or API SN industry baseline.

is a full synthetic motor oil that provides long engine life for many types & ages of vehicles with enhanced protection over a wide temperature range. This product has the following approvals: VTOVAZ (LADA cars), Porsche A40, Peugeot/Citroën Automobiles B71 2296, RENAULT RN0700, RENAULT RN0710, VW 502 00, VW 505 00, MB-Approval 229.3

This product is recommended for use in Volkswagen vehicles and a wide range of European cars and light-duty commercial vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes with oil specifications built on the ACEA C3 industry baseline.

ECP Part Numbers: 1L 521779252 5L 521779251

ECP Part Numbers: 5L - 521773581

ECP Part Numbers: 1L - 521772122 5L - 521772121

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