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Workshop Solutions Why MOT & ATL installation

With a seismic shift in the traditional MOT season and a legacy left by Covid-19 and lockdown, there are going to be significant changes that will effect a vehicles MOT. Statistics say that over the coming months/years there will be a shift in buying behaviour meaning:

8.5 years The average age of a car on the road will increase to 8.5

200% demand increase in MOTs from Sep-Nov

Less cars from 0 to 3 years on the road

Therefore more cars will require MOTs

Installation – How we help you through the installation It takes an average of 6 – 8 weeks to get a MOT bay installed, and this also includes any upgrades to an ATL. At LKQ Euro Car Parts we offer the full service, from start to finish to get you up and running. We work closely with you, supplier and the DVSA to make sure everything runs smoothly and to a set timeframe. Now could be the time for you to consider expansion into MOTs or perhaps get an additional MOT/ATL lane installed to cope with added work that is predicted now and in the future.

Typical Total Working Days to Completion 45 - 65

Quote presentation, approval & payment 3-5 working days

VTO1 Application (Council, Landlord, Solicitor, DRS Check)

Customer contact site visit

Equipment Delivery/ Installation


Site drawings

VT01 Approval

Ground Works

3-5 working days

2-3 working days

10-15 working days

10-15 working days

10-12 working days

10-15 working days

7-10 working days

If getting an MOT/ATL (or additional) bay for your garage is not an option then our a range of Garage Services could be exactly what you need. Focussing on services that can be called on in relation to MOT failures are additional revenue streams that you can take advantage of. Assumptions: • Planning permission is in place • Time to approve dependant on Landlord / Local Council • Customer meets all the requirements of VTO1 application • Builder has been booked /arranged for Groundworks • Typical work takes 7 days to complete • All equipment is in stock as per customer requirement • Non standard product may need to be built to order eg long platform ramps • MOT Trainer/Manager Course (Assumed qualified) • Assuming suppliers have engineer/installation capacity when the demand is highest.

The range includes:


Air Conditioning

Carbon Cleaning


Tyre & Wheel Balancing

Wheel Alignment

Hybrid and Electric

All these services are available as little as £25 per week on the Easy Start Scheme. Speak to your local branch or go online: to find out more about equipping your workshop


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