Go Karting Tournament 2023 Guide

Go Karting Tournament 2023 Guide

Tournament Eligibility • To take part in the tournament all racers must be over the age of 16 at the time of their first heat. • You must be an employee of an invited garage throughout the duration of the tournament. Should your employment status change then you will no longer be eligible to continue in the tournament. • Only a maximum of two people per garage can participate in the race. Should there be availability on the evening of the heat, it is at the discretion of the organiser to allow more participants. • No more than two people per garage can qualify through to the next round. • LKQ Euro Car Parts will not be able to compete in the Go Karting tournament. It will be at the discretion of the event organiser, should there be spaces available, whether the LKQ Euro Car Parts employee can take part. Tournament Stages: You are entering a karting tournament which has 3 stages. Heats: Over 4,500, drivers will take place in the qualifying heats throughout the UK and ROI. A typical heat will have two sessions. The winner of each session final and the driver with the overall fastest lap from the combined sessions, will qualify for the regional final. Regional finals: selected dates in June: There will be 9 regional finals throughout the UK and ROI. The ROI regional final will take place on a Thursday, and the UK regional finals will take place on selected Fridays in June. Each regional final will see between 3-5 drivers progress to the Grand final. Grand Final – 13 th July: 45 drivers will compete to be both, the team champions and individual Champion at the Grand final at Daytona, Milton Keynes. The heats, regional finals, and the Grand final. Progression through the stages is outlined below:

Qualifying If you qualify for the next stage, you will need to speak to the LKQ Euro Car Parts host before leaving the venue to confirm details regarding the next round of the tournament. If you cannot make one of the rounds, then please contact your account manager at the earliest opportunity. You cannot arrange a substitute to take your place. By entering the tournament, you agree; • To be polite and respectful to all staff members and fellow competitors. • Abide by the terms set out in the venue’s registration form. • The Race Director is an independent adjudicator, and all decisions will be final. • Please note during these LKQ Euro Car Parts events, general photography and filming may take place in the interest of LKQ Euro Car Parts training marketing and promotional purposes. For further information please see our privacy notice which can be found at: https://omnipart.eurocarparts.com/privacy-notice Frequently Asked Questions. What time do I need to arrive at the venue? Please check your itinerary details when received, for your specific arrival time. Please arrive promptly at the venue to allow time to register with the team, change in to race suits and attend the safety briefing. Attending the safety briefing is compulsory and you will not be able to take part if you have not completed it. If you arrive late the organiser may allocate your kart to another garage and may not be able to offer you an alternative space. How to Register?

You will need to register your information with the Karting venue. This can be done using the link sent out in the registration email. What if I am running late and unable to make the start time?

Please contact your account manager at the earliest opportunity and will endeavour to accommodate you when you arrive. However, we cannot guarantee you will be able to race.

What if I have had a last-minute change of plan and can no longer make it? Please contact your account manager at the earliest opportunity so we can offer the space to a driver at the top of the reserve list. Unfortunately, you cannot send a substitute driver in your place, they will not be permitted to race. We may be able to offer you an alternate date or venue, please ask your account

manager who will be able to confirm if this is possible. Do I need to bring my own race kit and equipment?

All the safety equipment including race suits, balaclavas and helmets are provided. However, if you wish to bring your own, please check with the venue and respect their decision. Please also note appropriate shoes need to be worn to race. No heels or boots. Will there be food and drinks provided? To keep you fuelled on the grid, light food and soft drinks will be provided. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please let your account manager know 7 days prior to the event. Alcohol will be available at the venues; however, this is strictly for after you have raced. Drivers will not be able to race if they have consumed alcohol prior. Are spectators welcome? Spectators are welcome along to watch the races, however there are limited numbers at the venue. Please advise your account manager if you are bringing a guest to spectate.

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