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2024 Prospectus

Boost Your Workshop with Learning and Development LKQ Academy is the biggest and best automotive training provider in Ireland. Offering the widest range of eLearning and practical training to up-skill you and your team.

We provide: ■ Full range of IMI Accreditations for your Workshop

■ Practical training at locations nationwide ■ More training venues than any other provider ■ Online and face to face training on the latest technology ■ All your technical and business needs in one place ■ 24/7 access to a learning and development management system.

Over 5,000 training courses delivered since 2018

All our courses are fully accredited by

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Once you have registered, the next step is to take our skills assessment where you will have access to a comprehensive skills overview to help you understand where and how to develop your skills. Our free skills assessment allows you and technicians to review strengths and weaknesses across 10 key areas. Boost Your Workshop Register with LKQ Academy and get a free Skills Assessment

■ Hybrid & Electric Vehicles ■ Electrics & Diagnostics ■ Aircon & F-Gas ■ Tyre Fitting &TPMS

■ Brakes ■ Steering & Suspension ■ ADAS ■ Powertrain

■ Petrol Engines ■ Diesel Engines

01. Hybrid / EV



02. Electrics & Diagnostics

10. Diesel Engine

09. Petrol Engine

03. Aircon & F-Gas

04. Tyre Fitting & TPMS


05. Brakes

07. ADAS

06. Steering & Suspension

Identify your training opportunities with LKQ Academy. Register today to complete your Skills Assessment for free.

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Boost Your Workshop Don’t just take our word for it…



Andy Savva


Service Technician Air Con diagnostics





Diagnostic Road to Success







Service Advisor Customer Experience

MOT Tester

“Excellent instructor with a real wealth of valuable knowledge, you can tell he knows his stuff when it comes to MOT testing, he has an engaging teaching style which makes what would have been a very dry subject interesting and engaging. Very happy with the course and

“Course was good, gave me ideas on what I can do to make our business better and make the customer journey more enjoyable.” Workshop Controller “Absolutely phenomenal course. Amazing content and information. Discussions were really informative. Brilliant course for myself as a young business owner.” Diagnostics “Great course delivered brilliantly, plenty of good test procedures to take back to the workshop.” Business Management “I really enjoyed this course. Walking away feeling confident on how to turn my business around. Mike really took the time to explain in detail and made the information easy to understand without feeling overwhelmed. Would recommend highly.”

the way it’s been delivered by Rob!” Hybrid Level 2 & 3

“Provided me with the ability to work on hybrid vehicles safely and confidently.” Diagnostics “The instructor was brilliant and put the course together and across in a way the was easy to understand and had patience if you got stuck” Workshop Controller

“The trainer is great at delivering the courses. Enjoyed everyone I’ve attended. Highly recommend. Really nice and helpful. Presented in a way that can be understood. Thank you!!”

Start your training journey today, go to Winner Partner of the Year LKQ Euro Car Parts at the IMI ANNUAL DINNER & AWARDS 2023

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Our memberships – The best valu

Our memberships are the best value way to train and make the most of our award win than anyone else, and to top it off - we’ve just won partner of the year by the Institute Even better we’ve added more membership options, so that you can find a membershi Workshop Level Memberships The perfect solution to up-skill your entire workshop • More courses and more training venues than anyone else • No limits to the number of people trained

• Flexibility to change and adapt as your team does • Train your whole team for less than €4 per day • Lunch included on all practical training courses.

Platinum 263990000

Gold 263990060

20 Practical Training days + 20 eLearning courses €241 .58 per month* or €2899

15 Practical Training days + 15 eLearning courses €191 .58 per month* or €2299

Silver 263990070

Bronze 263990080

10 Practical Training days + 10 eLearning courses €141 .58 per month* or €1699

6 Practical Training days + 6 eLearning courses €99 .92 per month* or €1199

Direct Debit option also available – spread the cost over 12 months

*Based on a 12 month direct debit

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Prices shown exclude VAT.


ue way to train you or your team

nning training offering. We have more training venues than anyone else, more choice e of the Motor Industry. ip that suits you and your workshop the most!

Individual Level Memberships Choose the right membership to up-skill one person in your team • More training venues than anyone else

• More courses to choose from than anyone else • Train an individual for less than €3 euro per day • Lunch included on all practical training courses. Platinum 263990050

Gold 263990010

Unlimited Practical Training days + Unlimited eLearning courses €141 .58 per month* or €1699

Unlimited Practical Training days + 5 eLearning courses €99 .92 per month* or €1199

Silver 263990020

Bronze 263990030

5 Practical Training days + 3 eLearning courses €83 .25 per month* or €999

3 Practical Training days + 2 eLearning courses €62 .42 per month* or €749

Direct Debit option also available – spread the cost over 12 months

*Based on a 12 month direct debit

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Prices shown exclude VAT.


Boost Your Workshop Service Tech Road to Success

Aimed at Junior Technicians looking to grow knowledge and learn skills

This 7-day programme is aimed at people that love to learn in a practical hands-on workshop environment and are looking to grow their core skills to enhance their ability to service and maintain modern vehicles. On completion of each course, you will be sent an IMI Professional development certificate to record your journey.

Principles of Service Inspection and Maintenance (VHC)- STRTS 1 day

Principles of Around the Wheel - STRTS 2 days

Principles of Braking - STRTS 1 day

Principles of Electrics - STRTS 2 days

Principles of Diagnostics - STRTS 1 day € 249 .00 1 Day Courses PER CANDIDATE Lunch included

€ 349 .00 2 Day Courses PER CANDIDATE Lunch included

Included in our training memberships

Included in our training memberships

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Prices shown exclude VAT.


Boost Your Workshop Service Tech Road to Success What this course covers ■ Principle of Service and Maintenance - 1 day o This course is aimed at helping technicians carry out quality vehicles health checks and stay up to date with the best practices when it comes to servicing and maintaining vehicles. ■ Principles of Around theWheel, Steering Geometry &Wheel Alignment – 2 days o This is the 2nd course in the programme and focuses on everything around the wheel from replacing basic parts to understanding the consequences of alignment and the impacts it has on vehicle and the end user. With 30% of all MOT fails coming from around the wheel this is an essential course for any technician in a modern workshop ■ Principles of Braking – 1 day o This is course number 3 in the programme designed to give the technician a hands-on approach to learning all about brakes and braking systems. On this course you will be shown the required skills., techniques and best practice to successfully diagnosis and repair braking faults and replacing braking components. ■ Principles of Electrics & Electrical Testing – 2 days o This is course 4 in the programme and designed to give a technician a first look into electrical fault finding. On this course you will learn the principles of electrics and how electrics are used in a modern vehicle. This course is your first step into becoming a diagnostic technician enabling you to understand faults and increase your ability to first time fix. ■ Principles of Diagnostics – 1 day o This is course number 5 in this programme and leads on nicely from the skilled acquired in the electrics course. This diagnostics course is a hands approach to your first exposure to fault finding using a diagnostic tool and gaining the knowledge to understand what the data is truly telling you. Skills in the field of diagnostics can reduce lost hours and incorrect part ordering. Computing power is a modern vehicle is growing by the day and your ability to guide a diagnostic tool to talk to the CPU has never been more key.

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Boost Your Workshop Diagnostic Road to Success Aimed at Technicians looking to enhance the skills they have and learn new ones Today’s vehicles are complex machines, loaded with sophisticated technology and designed to make driving them effortless and trouble-free.

Being able to diagnose faults can often be challenging so using the most suitable tools within a process will save time and ensure accurate diagnosis. This 13-day Diagnostic Tech programme supports budding technicians take that next step in their career and become a qualified diagnostic technician.

Communication Networks - Can Bus - DRTS 1 day

Essential Electrics - DRTS 2 day

Advanced Braking - DRTS 1 day

(Battery) Smart Charging & Stop Start - DRTS 1 day

Diesel Engine Management Systems - DRTS 2 day

Multimeter & Oscilloscopes - DRTS 1 day

Chassis Control Systems and Four-Wheel Alignment - DRTS 2 day

Petrol Engine Management Systems - DRTS 2 day

Diagnostic Test Procedures - DRTS 2 day

ADAS Technology & Theory - DRTS 1 day

Emission Control Systems - DRTS 2 day

€ 249 .00 1 Day Courses PER CANDIDATE Lunch included

€ 349 .00 2 Day Courses PER CANDIDATE Lunch included

Included in our training memberships

Included in our training memberships

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Prices shown exclude VAT.


Boost Your Workshop Diagnostic Road to Success

What this course covers

■ Essential Electrics - DRTS - 2 Day o This is the 1st course of the diagnostic road to success, on this course you will enhance your electrical knowledge, control methods and introduction into high voltage systems. ■ Multimeter &Oscilloscopes - DRTS – 1 Day o This is course number 2 of the programme and covers the fundamental skills of using a multimeter and an Oscilloscope to ensure diagnostic accuracy. The course will take you from the basic concept through testing circuits leading to sensors and actuators and multiplex networks and fault finding ■ Chassis Control Systems, Steering Geometry & 4 Wheel Alignment 2 day o This is course number 3 of the programme and is a vital course as more and more vehicles have sophisticated safety features that rely on the vehicle set up correctly. With 30% of all MOT fails come from around the wheel enhancing your skills in this wheel alignment will improve productivity and overall 1st time fix ■ ADAS Technology & Theory - DRTS - 1 Day o This is course number 4 in the programme and is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to identify vehicles that have an ADAS system and how this new technology will impact your workshop and the end user ■ Advanced Braking - DRTS - 1 Day o This is course number 5 and is often a subject that is neglected when it comes to training, yet these systems have developed dramatically over the years with the increase of ADAS systems, electronic parking brakes and TMPS. This is also an area of workshop that can cause a large number of returns due to poor fitment, this can have an impact on both customer satisfaction and first time fixes. ■ Diesel Engine Management Systems - 2 Day o This is course 6 of the diagnostic programme, diesel engines and their systems cause workshops the most issues with over 35% of calls that come into our technical helpline being diesel related. On this course you will cover and learn new skills in low and high- pressure systems, injectors, induction and fault finding leading nicely into emission control . This is a must have course of any technician

■ Diesel Systems Emission Control - DRTS- 2 Day o This is course number 7

and follows on from the diesel engine management course. Workshops are seeing more and

more diagnostic issues around Add Blue, NOx and blocked DPFs which is reducing productivity and 1st time fixes. This course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge required to work on these systems and repair the faults. ■ Petrol Engine Management Systems – DRTS - 2 Day o This is course number 8 and covers petrol and direct injection systems and moves through to ignition, induction and emission systems. With the decline in diesel and increase of petrol vehicles on the UK roads knowledge in these areas will serve any technician well for years to come ■ Communication Networks - Can Bus – 1 day o This is course number 9 on the programme. This course is vital to any diagnostic technician due to the increasing number of ECU’s in a modern vehicle. This course will give you a strong understanding on networking and topology looking at CAN resistance and voltage. ■ Smart Charging & Stop Start - DRTS - 1 Day o This is course number 10 on the programme. Battery testing and replacement is a massive growth area in any modern workshop with 40% of all breakdowns being battery related. There has been a large reduction in DIY battery replacement due to coding required on most start stop batteries, understanding how batteries work and having the ability to articulate this to the end user will help reduce battery failures for your customer in the future ■ Diagnostic Test Procedures Inc Oscilloscope -2 Day o This is the final course of the programme and brings together all the skills learned in the course leading up to this final course. Over these two days you will learn how to fault find using a diagnostic tool and truly be able to interpret information the tool is providing you and where to look next before recommending parts to be replaced.

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Boost Your Workshop Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Why your workshop should be EV ready An aging, but ever changing vehicle car parc.

Statistics from the SMMT show that used car market is starting to grow again after several years in decline. Great news for independent workshops, as this growth will ultimately see more vehicles into your workshops. However, are you ready for the change in vehicle type is the question? With more EV and Hybrid vehicles changing hands in the used car market, is your workshop equipped to take advantage of this increasing trend?

BEV sales in the aftermarket continue to increase, and from a small base they are up over 400% (380 vehicles in Q1) This trend is set increase throughout 2023 and beyond.

ROI used car market grows 7.2% in Q1 2023 after three successive quarters of decline.

Best start to a year since 2020, but market remains below pre-pandemic levels.

The make up of the car parc continues to change, in 2019, 90% of all new cars sold were either petrol or diesel. In 2022, this was less than half (47%). Which means, cars with an EV element have increased 43 percentage points since 2019

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Hybrid and electric vehicle sales are rising fast Hybrid Level 2/3 and 4 Boost Your Workshop Don’t get left behind when it comes to servicing and repairing hybrid and electric vehicles (EV). With government plans to cut emissions by stopping the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2035 and multiple car manufacturers such as Volvo and Ford committing to a 100% electric range by 2035, the change is inevitable. There is no doubt that hybrid and EV’s will become the vehicle of choice over the coming years and beyond.

82% of technicians in the UK and Ireland are not trained to work on Hybrid and EV’s.

Britain’s switch to EV’s continues to gather pace, with a record one in five new car registrations now plug-ins*.

Level 2 & 3 IMI Award In Electric/Hybrid 263773020 ■ Routine maintenance activities, vehicle system repair and replacement. Two day course LEVEL 2 & 3 = 14 IMI CREDITS € 649 .00

Level 4 IMI Award In Electric/Hybrid 263773040 ■ The diagnosis, testing and repair of electric/hybrid vehicles and components. € 649 .00 Two day course LEVEL 4 = 14 IMI CREDITS

Included in our training memberships

Included in our training memberships



Lunch included

Lunch included

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Boost Your Workshop Becoming an EV Workshop Getting you, your staff and your workshop Electric Vehicle ready ElectrifyYour Expertise! Becoming an EVWorkshop Business Not only have we got the right technical courses to get you and your staff EV ready – your workshop can now take it’s first steps into the future of automotive and unleash the power of electric vehicles with the launch of the 2 day becoming an EV workshop business course in partnership with our partners at T10 Automotive.

This new course will put you and your workshop on the road to success and starts with embracing electric vehicles – you’ll dive deep into the world of EVs and unlock a world of opportunities for your garage. During this course we’ll cover topics such as:

■ Discover Financial Objectives: Learn how embracing electric vehicles can sky-rocket your revenue and enhance your bottom line. From increased service demand to tapping into government incentives, we’ll show you how to drive your profits forward ■ Embrace Customer Objectives: Understand the evolving needs and expectations of today’s environmentally conscious clientele. Learn to offer exceptional EV services, build trust, and create customer loyalty that drives repeat business ■ Ignite Internal Objectives: Foster a culture of innovation within your garage. Equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the fast- paced world of EV maintenance and repair. Boost employee morale and create a high-performance work environment

■ Experience Learning Outcomes: Offer strategies for promoting and growing an EV specialist business, ensuring you stand out as a leader in the electrified automotive landscape. From targeted marketing campaigns that highlight your expertise in EV maintenance and repair to establishing strategic partnerships with charging station providers, we’ll guide you through proven tactics to expand your customer base and enhance your reputation.

€ 349 .00 PER CANDIDATE Lunch included

Included in our training memberships

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Boost Your Workshop

Tech for Non-Tech Hybrid/EV’s Explained Overview

With EV’s becoming more and more common in the vehicle park, the technology and terminology has changed, there is a lack of understanding for both non technical Staff and Customers. With confidence, would you like to engage, support, and reassure your customers by having the knowledge and confidence to understand how EV’s work and can be used. How best to charge your EV, what the best option, Plug-in, Hybrid, or full EV? All of the questions and more will be addressed in our new ‘EV Explained’ 1 day course for ‘Front of House’ customer facing staff .

This will include the following:

Target Audience:

■ Vehicle Types ■ Vehicle drive formats ■ Electricity explained ■ Battery Technology ■ Legislation ■ What is Regenerative Braking/Self-Charging?

■ Service Advisors ■ Part Advisors ■ Sale Staff ■ Front of House Staff ■ Department Management ■ Anyone that encounters a customer face to face or by telephone

■ Charging Methods &Ways to Charge ■ Customer Relationship Management

Learning outcomes:

■ On completion of this course you will be able to qualify your customers, understand the different types of Electrically propelled vehicles, their platforms, features and benefits. How they work, the terminology used for Hybrid/EV’s and be aware of the risks of Hybrid/EV’s. What is the best way to look after a Hybrid/EV, the best driving style, the types of chargers and the different charge methods. This will enable you to be more confident in the world of Hybrid/EV’s and to give your customers the reassurance they are talking to and dealing with the right people/business.

€ 349 .00 PER CANDIDATE Lunch included

Included in our training memberships

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Boost Your Workshop Technical Helpline Got a technical question? Unsure about how to repair a fault?

Over half a million fault

resolutions at your fingertips

What do you get access to? ■ ■ Repair manuals ■ ■ Circuit diagrams ■ ■ Parts catalogues ■ ■ Component locations ■ ■ Real OEM portals ■ ■ Diagnostic assistance ■ ■ Technical information ■ ■ General troubleshooting and repairs ■ ■ Master technicians at the end of the phone 1 MONTH TRIAL FREE

12 month subscription from only €119 per month

The LKQ Academy provides its members with fast, easy access to the technical information and training they need to stay at the forefront of technology and give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Or, more simply, we put a team of master technicians in your workshop, whenever you need them.

The LKQ Academy Helpline is an online diagnostic database and reference library that gives you access to over half a million technical queries resolved over the last 10 years.

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Boost Your Workshop Technical Helpline Top enquiries by vehicle system in 2023

Diesel Engine


Petrol Engine








Diesel Engine 34.27%



Electricity 13.75%









Petrol Engine 15.86%



100% Electric Engine


Programmings & Resets


Service Plan


Hydrogen Engine


Top enquiries by vehicle model in 2023

Ford Transit V363


Polo V


Range Rover Evoque


Mercedes Class C




Ford Transit Custom V362


Ford Focus III


BMW 1 Series


Nissan Qashqai II SUV


Peugeot 208 I


Ford Ranger


Jaguar XF I


Discovery Sport


Fiat 500 (312)


Ford Fiesta VI


Vauxhall Vivaro


Ford Transit


Citroen C4 Picasso II


Discovery IV


Range Rover Sport II


Transit V363 (Illustration purposes only)

Range Rover Evoque (Illustration purposes only)

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Boost Your Workshop Running a successful workshop business involves much more than just staying up to date with the latest ADAS or MOT courses. Whilst they’re critically important it is just as wise to invest in training to improve the financial, marketing and customer focused sides of your business. Luckily, we have a number of courses available that offer just that. Garage Services About Andy – The Garage Inspector Andy has a true passion is supporting the aftermarket to ensure they stay competitive and profitable at the same time. His unique set of courses held over 4 days have glowing reviews that you can see by visiting or view the hundreds of comments Andy gets on his videos and posts online. The courses Andy delivers have been developed over the last four years, as it became more apparent that many garage businesses were good are repairing vehicles but just lacked general business skills. These are intended to bridge the gap and are aimed at owner/managers, service managers, service reception/advisors, and technicians. This 4 day programme is broken down into two, 2 day courses and is not only New for 2024 Virtual classroom courses

aimed at business owners but anyone in your business that you feel giving them the ability to understand all aspects of the garage will support you and take your business to the next level.

€ 1137 .00 PER CANDIDATE Andy Savva - Financial Understanding and Marketing Essentials € 1137 .00 PER CANDIDATE Andy Savva - Customer Excellence and Front of House Essentials

Included in our training packages

Lunch included

“I can assure everyone they will not be disappointed with the content and delivery of these courses” Andy Savva

Included in our training packages

Lunch included

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Prices shown exclude VAT.


Boost Your Workshop

Garage Services HowThe Garage Inspector can help you and your garage

Whether you’re interested in filling up your service bays with your ideal customers, implementing proven systems that will make your business far more productive, building a team of superstar advisors and technicians, or understanding exactly where your numbers need to be, Andy will help you reach your goals. Better yet, he will do so in a way that has a positive impact on your employees, your customers, your community, and our industry. Andy provides a comprehensive range of automotive industry-orientated training programmes focused on the improvement of people and processes within your business. Andy covers a number of well-established management tools and skills for the independent aftermarket and retail sector to enhance service and business performance. As an automotive expert, Andy has years of both practical and academic knowledge, and experience, coupled with an unrivalled passion for the automotive aftermarket sector. This allows Andy to truly understand the client’s needs to deliver successful assignment completion and developing new business out of that success.

Don’t just take our word for it Ally Tom


“Superb couple of days with you Andy Savva. Witty, insightful and passionate as always about our trade. Thank you so much for all you do for us, you’re a top man!!”

“Great training. Without doubt the best training I’ve ever been on. Priceless experience, thank you Andy. ”

“Haven known Andy for a few years now but never attended any of his training I feel I gotta say shame on me!! I should’ve been on this years ago so helpful. I could’ve been further along on our journey at Lawson AutoTech . So much information. Don’t delay like I did get yourself onto his next event. ”




“We attended the Financial Understanding and Marketing Essentials course and it was a real eye opener! Andy explained things very well and helped us understand what we need to do to improve our own business. Looking forward to any future courses we can arrange! Thank you again for all your help.”

“Just attended the two day financial and marketing course in Nottingham. One of the greatest courses I have ever been on would recommend to any garage owners to get booked on. The quality of the content and the delivery were impeccable. Andy delivered a great course with passion and enthusiasm second to none. Can’t wait for the next one. Truly inspiring keep up the good work.”

“Thank you very much for the last 2 days Sir. I think the most valuable business course I’ve ever attended, without a doubt.”

New on-line courses now available

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Prices shown exclude VAT.


Boost Your Workshop BusinessManagement - RoadToSuccess

Course description

Delivered by T10 Automotive, this transformative two-day course is tailored for business owners and leaders in the automotive industry. This course is a gateway to mastering the dynamics of a rapidly evolving market, marrying cutting-edge technology with evolving consumer behaviours. The expertly designed program aims not just to equip you with adaptive strategies but to ensure your business stands out as a leader, driving sustained growth and profitability in the challenging automotive landscape.

Course Objectives:

Benefits for Attendees:

■ Day 1: Re-imagining and ReinventingYour Business Model Cultivating an Exceptional Brand Culture • Immerse in strategies to build a resonant brand culture, aligning your team’s vision and values with business objectives. Strategically PromotingYour Brand • Learn innovative marketing and brand promotion techniques that resonate in the digital age. understanding how to integrate them into your business model for enhanced customer engagement. UnderstandingYour People, Products, and Place • Delve into the core elements of your business – your team, your offerings, and your operational environment – to optimise performance and customer experience. ■ Day 2: Maximising Financial Performance and Market Positioning Developing Competitive Advantage • Explore ways to carve out a unique competitive edge in the market, leveraging Adapting to Evolving Retail Trends • Navigate the latest retail trends, management tailored for the automotive sector, boosting your financial acumen and decision-making prowess. Targeting and UnderstandingYour Audience • Dive deep into customer analytics and market research techniques to better understand and engage your target audience. your business’s unique strengths. Mastering Financial Intelligence • Gain critical insights into financial

■ This seminar is meticulously crafted to provide participants with a blend of visionary leadership insights and pragmatic, actionable skills. These objectives are carefully chosen to ensure that you can immediately apply your new-found knowledge to propel your automotive business forward. ■ We believe this seminar offers unparalleled value, fostering not only your professional growth but also significantly contributing to the long-term success of your organisation. Join us for this unique opportunity to collaborate, learn, and lead in the automotive industry, shaping the future of your business.

€ 349 .00 PER CANDIDATE Business Management – Road To Success 263775180 - 2 Day

Included in our training memberships

Lunch included

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Boost Your Workshop Business Management - Workshop Controller - BRTS

Course description

Join us for a comprehensive two-day course focused on the demanding role of a Workshop Controller in an automotive dealership or service centre. As a Workshop Controller, your responsibilities include distributing work to Vehicle Technicians, ensuring smooth workshop operations, managing time and resources, and achieving customer satisfaction and business profitability.

Course Objectives:

Benefits for Attendees continued:

■ Efficient Workshop Operations: Develop maximum performance and efficiency, minimising downtime and optimising workshop productivity. ■ Effective Job Management: Plan and manage incoming work, ensuring timely completion to quality standards, accurate documentation, and meeting customer expectations. ■ Profitability Optimization: Focus on job profitability, workshop productivity targets, and effective management of resources to enhance workshop profitability. ■ Team Motivation and Development: Enhance the motivation, competence, and personal development of the workshop team, including succession planning and addressing employee issues. ■ EnhancedWorkshop Performance: Acquire skills and techniques to maximise workshop efficiency and productivity, resulting in improved operations and customer satisfaction. ■ Streamlined Job Management: Learn strategies for effective work planning, time management, and ensuring quality standards, leading to successful outcomes and customer trust. ■ Improved Profitability: Understand key factors impacting job profitability, workshop

■ Leadership and Team Development: Enhance your ability to motivate and develop your workshop team, foster competence growth, and effectively handle employee issues. ■ Industry Best Practices: Gain insights from industry best practices and share experiences with fellow professionals, enabling you to implement strategies to make your business more profitable.

Benefits for Attendees:

€ 349 .00 PER CANDIDATE Business Management -Workshop Controller - BRTS 263779000 - 2 Day

Included in our training memberships

productivity, and resource allocation, optimising profitability for the business.

Lunch included

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Boost Your Workshop Service Advisor - Experience - BRTS Ensure a seamless and exceptional customer experience from the moment they contact your garage business. This comprehensive two-day course combines the elements of customer experience and customer management to empower your front of house team with the skills and strategies needed to keep customers returning and recommending your services. Background: Customer service plays a vital role in retaining customers and growing your business. This course focuses on maximizing customers’ experiences through excellent customer service behaviours and identifying opportunities to enhance your business’s overall look, feel, and daily interactions with customers. Course Objectives: Course description

• Delivering Exceptional Customer Service: Explore key communication skills and techniques to provide outstanding customer service, boost customer loyalty, and assess personal branding to add value to your business. • Handling Customer Interactions: Develop the confidence to handle customer calls effectively, ask for business in the right way, and identify incremental sales opportunities to increase profitability without compromising ethical practices. • Identifying Business Opportunities: Encourage delegates to think strategically and identify potential business opportunities arising from exceptional customer service, allowing for customer satisfaction and business growth. • Maximizing the Customer Journey: Understand the various stages of the customer journey, from initial interest to repeat purchases and recommendations. Acquire the skills required to deliver great service at each stage and create customers for life.

Managing Customer Experience 263775060 - 2 Day

Included in our training memberships


Lunch included

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Boost Your Workshop Service Advisor - Technical for Non-Technical and Jargon Busting - BRTS

Bridge the gap between your front of house/service departments and workshop technicians to ensure a first-time fix for your customers. The “Technical for Non-Technical” course equips your staff with the technical knowledge needed to enhance customer interactions. Ideal for front of house staff new to the role or without a technical background. Course Objectives: Benefits for Attendees: Course description

• Understand the Technical Side: Gain comprehensive knowledge of motor car workings and common workshop technical terms. • Enhance Communication: Ask detailed questions and effectively convey customer information to optimize the fault-finding process. • Achieve First-Time Fixes: Contribute to resolving customer issues promptly, reducing repeat visits, and increasing loyalty.

• Strengthen Customer Service Skills • Streamline Communication Channels • Collaborate Effectively

• Save Time and Resources • Enhance Customer Loyalty

Service Advisor - Customer Management - BRTS 263775060 - 2 Day € 349 .00 PER CANDIDATE

Included in our training memberships

Lunch included

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Boost Your Workshop Business Management - Business Consultant Visit – BRTS Delivered by T10 Automotive, this transformative consultancy opportunity tailored for business owners and leaders in the automotive industry via the LKQ Academy. T10 Automotive understand that running a successful garage involves more than just expertise in automotive repair and maintenance. It’s about creating a business that excels in every aspect, from customer service to operational efficiency and financial management. That’s why we’re proud to offer our bespoke consultancy service, designed to take your garage business to new heights. Why Choose T10 Automotive Consultancy? Hand-Picked Team of Industry Experts: Consultants are not just experts in their fields; they’re hand- picked for their experience and success in the automotive industry. They bring a wealth of knowledge, from the latest industry trends to tried-and-tested business strategies. Course Objectives: Course description

Tailored to Your Business Needs: We believe every garage has its unique challenges and opportunities. Our approach is highly personalised – we take the time to understand your business, your goals, and your challenges, ensuring our consultancy is aligned with your specific needs. Comprehensive Service Offering: Our consultancy covers a wide range of areas, including business strategy, marketing, customer experience, financial planning, and operational efficiency. Whether you’re looking to enhance your customer service, boost your marketing efforts, or streamline your operations, our team is equipped to help. Results-Driven Approach: We’re committed to delivering tangible results. Our consultancy is focused on practical, actionable advice that can be implemented to drive real change and growth in your business. Ongoing Support and Guidance: Our relationship with you doesn’t end with our initial consultancy. We offer ongoing support and guidance to ensure that the changes

and strategies we recommend are effectively implemented and continue to yield positive results.

Benefits for Attendees:

TransformYour Garage Business Today Investing in consultancy is more than just getting advice; it’s a partnership aimed at elevating your business. Our team of experts is ready to help you navigate the complexities of the automotive industry, implement effective strategies, and achieve your business goals. Join the ranks of successful garage businesses that have benefited from consultancy services. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your business and set the stage for long-term success.

€ 1749 .00 PER VISIT

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Boost Your Workshop Business Management - Digital Marketing - BRTS

Course description

In today’s rapidly changing world, garage owners and employees need the right tools to stand out in their marketing efforts. Customer buying behaviours have evolved, and businesses must adapt to attract and retain customers. This 2 day course supports your journey towards securing new customers and creating additional levels of business by harnessing the power of social media and effective marketing strategies. To succeed in the current marketing landscape, your business needs a dynamic online presence and must showcase services and products in ways that resonate with today’s buyers. Unlock the full potential of your business with our transformative marketing course! Tailored for ambitious entrepreneurs and marketing professionals, this course explores the power of the Marketing Mix (4 Ps) and state-of-the-art digital strategies. You’ll learn to craft a comprehensive marketing strategy, optimise your online presence, and effectively engage with your local community. By the end of this course, you’ll not only understand the pivotal role of a well-optimised website but also master the art of strategic digital marketing, including SEO, Google Ads, and local marketing techniques. Transform theoretical knowledge into practical applications and make an immediate impact on your business’s marketing strategy. Course Objectives:

Introduction to the Marketing Mix (4 P’s) • Grasp the basics of Product, Price, Place, Promotion. • Learn how to integrate these elements into a cohesive marketing strategy. Product and Service Differentiation • Master techniques to stand out in the market. • Understand and develop Unique Selling Propositions (USPs). Local Marketing and Community Engagement • Discover the importance of local marketing for business growth. • Learn methods for building brand loyalty and community engagement. Online Presence and Website Optimisation • Learn the essentials of a well-optimised website. • Focus on mobile responsiveness, user experience, and loading times. Embracing Strategic Digital Marketing • Dive into SEO and Google Ads for expanded online reach. • Develop skills to utilise digital marketing tools effectively. Recap and Consolidation • Review and consolidate the learned concepts.

• Participate in group discussions and activities for enhanced understanding. Practical Applications and Real-World Impact • Apply concepts to real-life scenarios, particularly for garage marketing. • Create comprehensive marketing plans combining various marketing elements. Evaluation and Feedback • Methods for measuring the effectiveness of marketing strategies. • Techniques for gathering and interpreting customer feedback.

Benefits for Attendees:

This course is your gateway to becoming a marketing expert, providing you with the tools and insights needed to excel in today’s dynamic business landscape.


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Hybrid / Electric cars Level 2/3 Award in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Routine Maintenance Activities & System Repair And Replacement - IMI - Practical 2 day course + 8 hours Pre Course (263994000)

€ 649.00

€ 649.00

Level 4 Award in the Diagnosis, Testing and Repair of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles and Components [263773040] 14 IMI Credits - 2 day course

Diagnostic road to success Communication Networks - Can Bus - DRTS - Level 3 - 1 Day

€ 249.00 € 349.00 € 349.00 € 249.00 € 249.00 € 249.00 € 249.00 € 349.00 € 349.00 € 349.00 € 349.00 € 349.00 € 349.00 € 349.00 € 349.00 € 249.00 € 249.00 € 349.00 € 349.00

Diagnostic Test Procedures Inc Oscilloscope - DRTS - 2 days

Essential Electrics - DRTS - 2 Day

Smart Charging & Stop Start - DRTS - Level 3 - 1 Day

Advance Braking - DRTS - Level 3 - 1 Day

Chassis Control Systems - DRTS - Level 3 - 1 Day

Steering Geometry and Four-Wheel Alignment - DRTS - Level 3 - 1 Day

Petrol Engine Management Systems – DRTS - Level 3 - 2 Day

Petrol Engine Management Systems – DRTS - Level 3 - 2 Day

Advance Road to Success Advanced Communication and Control Methods - ARTS - Level 4

Advanced Communication Network Diagnosis - ARTS - Level 4

Advanced Electric Diagnosis - ARTS - Level 3

Advanced Engine Management - ARTS - Level 3

Business Road to Success Business Management -Business Road To Success - BRTS

Service Advisor - Customer Experience - BRTS

Service Advisor - Customer Interaction (Social Media) - BRTS

Service Advisor - Customer Management - BRTS

Service Advisor - Technical for Non-Technical and Jargon Busting - BRTS

Work Shop Controller - BRTS

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Hybrid/Electric cars Advanced Electric / Hybrid - Components [263994870]

€34.99 €11.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €34.99 €139.99 €104.99 €24.99 €24.99

Advanced Electric / Hybrid - Safety Systems [263994580]

Advanced Electric / Hybrid - Working on Hybrid Vehicles [263994290]

Electric Hybrid - Battery Management System - Advanced [263994470]

Electric Hybrid - Charging Systems - Advanced [263994570]

Electric Hybrid - Electric Motors - Advanced [263994480]

Electric Hybrid - Hybrid Systems - Advanced {263994570}

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle OVA [Level 2 & 3 Content] [263773060]

Hybrid and EV Awareness OVA [263773070]

Introduction to Electric Hybrid Vehicles - Basics [263994050]

Introduction to Electric Hybrid Vehicles - Propulsion Systems - Basics [263994240]


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Pre Elearning for Practial Hybrid Training Level 2/3

Air Conditioning Air Conditioning - Climate control advanced - Part 1 [263994140]

€34.99 €34.99 €34.99 €34.99 €34.99 €34.99 €24.99 €44.99 €24.99 €24.99 €34.99 €9.99 €11.99 €24.99 €11.99 €24.99 €24.99 €44.99 €24.99 €34.99 €24.99 €34.99 €34.99 €34.99 €34.99 €34.99 €34.99 €34.99 €34.99 €11.99 €24.99 €34.99 €34.99 €34.99 €24.99 €11.99 €24.99 €11.99 €11.99 €11.99 FREE

Air Conditioning - Climate control advanced - Part 2 [263994150]

Air Conditioning - Climate control basics - Part 1 [263994250]

Air Conditioning - Climate control basics - Part 2 [263994260]

Air Conditioning - Climate control basics - Part 3 [263994270]

Air Conditioning - Climate control specialist [263994370]

Nissens - AC Compressor, Component installation and troubleshooting

Brakes Braking - Brakes advanced [263994740]

Braking - Brakes Basics [263994850]

Braking - Disc brake basics [263994540]

Braking - Drum brake basics [263994550]

Measurement (DTI, Micrometer, Vernier Caliper) OVA [263777710]

Steering and Suspension Steering / Suspension - Damping - Advanced [263994180]

Steering / Suspension - Damping - Basics [263994130]

Steering / Suspension - Electronic stability programme - Advanced [263994030]

Steering / Suspension - Electronic stability programme basics [263994040]

Steering / Suspension - Springs - Basics [263994190]

Steering / Suspension - Suspension Basics [263994080]

Electrics/Diagnostics 12V Lead Acid Batteries OVA [263777700]

An Introduction Into Oscilloscope OVA [263773130]

Electrics - Alternator Advanced [263994590]

Electrics - Applications Advanced [263994400]

Electrics - Calculation Advanced [263994490]

Electrics - Calculation basics [263994300]

Electrics - CAN-bus advanced [263994500]

Electrics - CAN-bus basics [263994670]

Electrics - Components Advanced [263994600]

Electrics - Components basics [263994410]

Electrics - Electronics advanced [263994510]

Electrics - Electronics Basics [263994310]

Electrics - Glow plug heating system basics [263994230]

Electrics - Introduction Advanced [263994420]

Electrics - Lead-acid battery basics [263994070]

Electrics - Lighting basics [263994610]

Electrics - Magnetism and Electromagnetism advanced [263994100]

Electrics - Magnetism and Electromagnetism basics [263994060]

Electrics - Measuring Advanced [263994680]

Electrics - Oscilloscope advanced [263994430]

Electrics - Oscilloscope advanced PT 2 [263994440]

Electrics - Oscilloscope basics [263994220]

Electrics - Oscilloscope specialist [263994320]


eLearning Courses

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€11.99 €11.99 €24.99 €34.99 €34.99 €104.99 €44.99 €24.99 €54.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 €24.99 Free

Electrics - Sensor resistors basics [263994090]

Electrics - Signals basics [263994690]

Electrics - Special Resistors Advanced [263994160]

Electrics - Starter motor advanced [263994330]

Electrics - Starter motor basics [263994200]

Essential electrical skills OVA [263773090]

Further Electrics OVA [263773110]

Multiplexing OVA [263777730]

Sensors and Actuators OVA [263777720]


Garage Management/Business Support Abrasive Wheels Safety - iHasco [263995180]

Accident Reporting - iHasco [263995190]

AntiBribery - iHasco [263995530]

AntiMoney Laundering - iHasco [263995540]

Assessing Mental Capacity - iHasco [263995370]

Bullying & Harassment for Managers - iHasco [263995390]

Business Compliance Essentials - iHasco [263995550]

Conflict Resolution - iHasco [263995400]

Consumer rights for Retailers - Digital - iHasco

Consumer Rights for Retailers - Goods - iHasco

Consumer Rights for Retailers - Services - iHasco

COSHH - Control of Substances hazardous to health - iHasco [263995200]

Customer Service Training - iHasco [263995570

Cyber Security Awareness - iHasco

Display Screen Equipment Training - iHasco [263995210]

Driver Awareness - UK - iHasco [263995220]

Drug & Alcohol Awareness - iHasco [263995410]

Electrical Safety - iHasco [263995230]

Emergency First Aid at Work Refresher - iHasco [263995260]

Fire Awareness - iHasco [263995240]

First Aid Appointed Person - iHasco [263995250]

GDPR Advanced - iHasco [263995650]

GDPR Essentials - iHasco [263995590]

General Workshop Safety - iHasco [263995290]

Hand/Arm Vibration Awareness - iHasco [263995300]

Health & Safety Essentials - iHasco [263995310]

Health & Safety for Managers & Supervisors - iHasco

HR Compliance &Wellbeing Essentials - iHasco [263995430]

Lone Working OUT of the office - iHasco [263995340]

Managing Anxiety - iHasco [263995440]

Manual Handling - iHasco [263995350]

Manual Handling including Tyres - iHasco [263995360]

Mental Health Awareness - iHasco [263995450]


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