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Service, Maintenance and Repair

November 2023 - January 2024

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Welcome to our latest edition of Service, Maintenance and Repair. As the days grow shorter and the temperature begins to drop, it’s that time of year again when we aim to help you get winter-ready. This brochure focuses on the challenges you may face and is jam-packed with tips and insights to ensure a smooth operation throughout winter.

We’ve created a handy business toolkit to help you promote a FREE winter vehicle health check to your customers, whether that’s posters for your waiting rooms, banners for your website or social media images, we’ve got it covered. By offering a FREE check, you can benefit from the following: • Keep customers safe in extreme weather conditions • Prevent costly breakdowns for your customers FREE winter vehicle health check

• Increased profits for your garage • Build trust and enhance reputation.

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Road Hero - what you need to know What is it?

Road Hero is a space-saver wheel kit designed to eliminate the danger of being stranded at the side of the road. Since 2012, it has no longer been a requirement for spare wheels to be provided due to regulation change and in 2016, the AA and RAC are reported to have attended around 180,000 breakdowns which were due to a flat tyre and the lack of a spare.


What’s included? • A full breakdown kit ​ • A storage bag that

hold the breakdown kit and spare wheel.

Help your customers get home safely with Road Hero.

Around the wheel


Exclusive to LKQ Euro Car Parts

The perfect spare part for every vehicle

Brembo is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of high- performance braking systems, one of their key strengths is that they have complete control over the production process. This enables them to maintain a consistent level of quality,minimise any potential defects and guarantee reliable, durable spare parts backed by an extensive warranty.

The Latest Products from Brembo


Rear Brake Pads Mercedes GLE (18-) 10122366A

Front Brake Pads Toyota Yaris (20-) 10182131A

Front Brake Disc Audi RS6 (420mm) (19-) 10444844A

Front Brake Disc Kia Sorento (19-) 10490072A

Rear Brake Disc Hyundai I30 Hybrid (20-) 10485064A

Around the wheel


Braking tips this winter Winter brings a myriad of problems for motorists across the UK and Ireland from dangerous driving conditions to reduced braking performance. Checking the brake fluid and elements of the braking system are particularly important during winter. Tell tale signs brakes need inspecting:

Squeaking or grinding noise when braking.

Longer stopping distance.

Modern vehicle will display a light to indicate an issue with the braking system.

The Latest Products from Pagid


Front Brake Pads Volkswagen e-Transporter (20-) 101442318

Front Brake Pads Mercedes A-Class Mild Hybrid W177 (22-) 101223578

Front Brake Disc Volkswagen Multi-Van (21-) 104448428

Front Brake Disc Suzuki Swift (20-) 104811808

Rear Brake Disc Fiat Ducato (21-) 104581648

Rear Brake Shoes Skoda Fabia (21-) 102440388

Rear Hand Brake Cable LH/RH Peugeot Expert (16-) 108735948

Rear ABS Sensor Peugeot Partner (18-) 417735638

Rear Brake Pad Fitting Kit Mercedes Sprinter (21-) 107735228

Rear Brake Drum Skoda Fabia (21-) 105440538

Around the wheel


Quality without compromise

The latest products from Eicher

Front Brake Pads Renault Clio (19-) 101746039

Rear Brake Pads BMW 3/4 Series (18-) 101111419

Front Brake Pads VW Golf / Skoda Octavia (19-) 101442329

Rear Brake Disc Ford Galaxy (19-) 104592479

Front Brake Disc Jaguar XE / XF MHEV (20-) 104630199

Testing Last year as an organisation we conducting independent testing and inspection of our nearest competitor’s braking proposition. Using a 2014 VW Golf in a controlled environment, we put our pads through a series of tests, the outcome against Eicher’s nearest competitors was conclusive:

Find out more about the best warranty in the market. Call your local branch now!

Proved to have a more stable friction material

Lasted longer than the competition

Were quieter than the competition

Today, more than 70% of new vehicles are equipped with this mechanism, and studies show a growth of EPB by +42% in 2025. LKQ Euro Cars Parts is excited to announce the launch of a new product range, EPB Caliper Actuators, these are available now and for those instances whereby the EPB Motor Actuator may have failed but the caliper is still functional, you can now just replace the EPB Actuator. The Electric Parking Brake (also known as EPB) has become a standard equipment on most vehicles, EPB – what you need to know

leading to an increasing demand for them in the independent aftermarket. 1. Unlike the lever mechanism, with the EPB there is no cable connection it is prone to many faults, making impossible to immobilize or move the vehicle 2. The sole Actuator, the cost-effective solution to repair the EPB 3. All BCAR’s actuators are supplied with replacement bolts and seal “o” ring.

A range of over 40 EPB Actuators VAG, Mercedes, BMW, Ford and Volvo and many more covered

Around the wheel The biggest brands and the biggest steering and suspension range, now with industry- leading “unlimited mileage warranty”. We have always been confident in our steering and suspension products and offer great warranties to support them. Whether it’s our own exclusive range of products, or from our many trusted suppliers.


How have we made this better? We wanted to give you an extra level of confidence, so during 2023, we began to offer an industry leading unlimited mileage warranty.

What does that mean for you?

What does our unlimited mileage warranty mean? Unlimited mileage warranty stands alongside the manufacturer’s warranty, for example, if our Starline warranty is 4 years, the unlimited mileage warranty will last for the duration of 4 years or whichever comes first in a claim.

Trusted products, now become even better for you and your customers, meaning you can offer your customers great products and peace of mind once fitted.

Unlimited Mileage Warranty *

The largest branch network and coverage

Spanning the UK and Ireland, our branch network has the range you require and the depth of stock on hand to ensure you have the product you need, when you need it. Whether an aftermarket or original equipment product is required, we have you covered with the support of many leading brands.

Download the latest customer guide

Give your local branch a call, who will be happy to discuss the options that are available for you – same day.

* Our steering and suspension warranty is no quibble. It does not include off road use (4x4 days, track days). It does not cover alterations of the manufacturers specifications.

Around the wheel


4 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty *


Shock absorbers and coil springs

This range of quality shock absorbers are manufactured using the latest technology complying with prescribed OE specifications. The emphasis is placed on maximum safety – greater stability while ensuring better vehicle handling. This offer also includes complete assembled kits for selected vehicles allowing quick and easy replacement of all shock absorber components.

4 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty *

Complete coil and suspension strut No other major manufacturer has a complete strut on the market This ready to fit coil strut assembly has newly been introduced to the Starline range. The complete coil strut comes ready assembled with shock, coil and top strut mounting including bearings. Saving ever increasing labour costs and workshop time. The complete strut can be changed with limited tools and time. NEW

How does this new range help a workshop? • There is no need to use a spring compressor

• There is no need to worry about damaged top mount bearings, when or after changing the spring • There is no need to worry about a worn shock absorber failing quickly after changing the coil spring.

Starline has a wide range of linkage components under the Starline brand including ball joints, tie rod ends, suspension arms, stabiliser links, bushes, tie rods, wishbones and also a growing range of subframes, radius arms, rear axles and stabiliser link repair kits Our linkage range consists of over 3,500 parts High quality aftermarket product, tested to meet the highest standards. Starline linkages Workshop benefits • An extensive portfolio of trusted products spanning over many categories • Excellent availability • Aftermarket brand, 98% market coverage • Consumer confidence, by driving down our returns rate through continuous improvement • Always affordable professional quality • Exclusive to LKQ Euro Car Parts • 4 years warranty and unlimited mileage.

4 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty *

* Our steering and suspension warranty is no quibble. It does not include off road use (4x4 days, track days). It does not cover alterations of the manufacturers specifications.

Around the wheel


Why OPTIMAL? For 30 years the OPTIMAL brand has gained a reputation for high quality engineering. The parts are manufactured in line with OE methods, using quality materials and equipment. OPTIMAL Automotive GmbH guarantees excellent quality for you by carrying out regular inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process.


This is why our steering and suspension parts are so reliable. The majority of these items are put through special tests, certified and approved by TÜV SÜD. So that we can keep up with today’s demands for the newest generation of parts, we are constantly expanding and continuing this process.

4 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty *

Continued investment We’ve listened to our customers and have been in constant contact with our branch network to make sure that we stock the right parts when you need them. With this in mind we have increased our central stocking and have extended our range profiling into our branch network. OPTIMAL now with “Unlimited mileage warranty” the Premium Aftermarket choice for the professional workshop.

NCT Failures

The 2nd highest cause of NCT failure is due to broken or damager steering and suspension parts. Not only is it an NCT failure but defective steering and suspension parts on a vehicle also affect the geometry and handling of the vehicle which can lead to serious instability when driving thus increasing the potential of a serious road accident.​ We offer Lemforder and TRW as the only true OEM brands in the UK. Over 50 vehicle manufacturers use Lemforder parts as OE. 75% of all Aluminium control arms used by EU vehicle manufacturers as OE are supplied by Lemforder. Lemforder and TRW are both recognised as they key premium brand in the UK aftermarket and are both part of the ZF Sachs Group.

2 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty *

• Lemforder/TRW are the only true OEM brands in the UK​ • Over a century supplying premium quality parts to the market​ • Trusted partner of over 50 vehicle manufacturers globally​ • Suitable for the changing market of EV and Hybrid vehicles​ • 2-year warranty unlimited mileage warranty. Original Equipment

Around the wheel


New product introduction TMI Remanufactured steering racks and pumps from BORG Automotive

Remanufactured steering systems from BORG Automotive: when expertise ensures quality Quality is the key word when it comes to steering systems as the latter ensures that the driver is in control of the vehicle. And customer-perceived quality is exactly what the Danish remanufacturer BORG Automotive, the owner of brands such as Elstock, DRI and TMI, invests substantial effort, time and resources in achieving. The goal is ultimate quality at least on a par with OE parts. Nothing less.

Quality and reman go hand in hand What is remanufacturing?

Our TMI steering racks are remanufactured at our own production site in Birmingham, UK. But what exactly does it mean that we remanufacture the products? It means that we renovate used parts or components in order to make them perform as good or

even better than new OE parts. Besides, remanufacturing also benefits the environment, as the reman process uses less energy than producing new units. At the same time, material consumption is reduced.*

Our introduction of the TMI brand will see a selected range of steering racks and steering pumps that will cover a large portion of the car parc, meaning you can offer your customers sustainable, remanufactured product as good or better than new..

Tests & Quality • 100% Pre-Qualification check: Visual control of the core and the parts. • Load test compliance of tie rods. • Multistage washing processes to ensure cleanliness of all internal parts. • Crack testing of internal parts through our inhouse facility. • Internal and external leak testing; assisted by air and hydraulics. • Electronic end of line testing by real-world simulation. • End of line testing to ensure OE level functionality.

Steering Pumps: + 82 %Car Parc Coverage

Steering Racks: + 84 %Car Parc Coverage

Plug & Play Whenever possible, our racks are equipped with the necessary components for easy installation.

Fitting instruction included in the box

Always a fit As all our remanufactured units are OE units; we guarantee they fit the OE number listed.

Find help for installation in the instructions included in the box.

Trouble shooting guidelines available online TMI-REMAN.COM

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MEYLE-HD: Better than OE! To supplement our range of Premium Aftermarket parts we will be introducing a short range of Meyle HD steering and suspension parts. Meyle HD offer a “better than OE” product which is reverse engineered and improved from the OE version. We will start stocking these parts from November onwards and increase the range throughout 2024 so that you can offer your customers a premium aftermarket product.

New to range – MEYLE-HD Steering parts


An increasing number of recalls, poorly conceived technology in the vehicle and in the installed production parts, and complicated installation and removal – these often lead to anger and frustration for workshop employees and drivers! MEYLE does it better: MEYLE-HD products are technically superior to the OE part, whilst the reinforced and optimised design and high-quality materials make them more durable and reliable – as a result, they simply last longer and often outperform OE parts. MEYLE engineers analyse these OE parts, their weaknesses and potential for improvement, use their findings to develop better parts, and are involved in the entire process, from development to manufacturing at our own production facilities or at those of our international production partners.

• Designed for a long service life: top-quality car parts which are technically superior to the OE part. • Engineered and quality approved in Germany: multilevel re-engineering process by MEYLE experts • 4 years warranty on all MEYLE-HD parts* MEYLE-HD – simply impressive:

Profile-optimised inner sleeves

Enlarged ball stud

HD: Profile-optimised inner sleeve

HD: Enlarged ball head diameter

OE: Simple profile design

OE: Poorly dimensioned ball joint

Full-rubber bushings

Optimised design

HD: Structurally improved design

HD: Replacement of the hydro bearing with a full-rubber bearing

OE: Cracking due to radii being too small

OE: Leakage of hydro fluid possible

Around the wheel Why are we increasing the range of Hydraulic Engine Mounts? Hydraulic engine mounts are becoming more popular because they provide a much smoother and quieter ride than mechanical mounts and are more frequently being fitted as standard on new vehicles. The main difference between hydraulic mounts and standard rubber engine mounts is that they are more dynamic and combine the acoustic isolation functions of a conventional rubber engine mount, but with a balanced damping performance.


Hydro Engine mounts have an upper and lower chamber connected by a series of channels which are separated by a rubber membrane inside a cage. The mount is filled with hydraulic fluid, which generates secondary damping. As they are critical to the vehicles’ handling and performance, hydraulic engine mounts should be carefully inspected to make sure they are working properly and replaced when showing signs of wear and tear. Our growing range of Hydraulic Engine Mounts cover various BMW, Mercedes and VAG applications.

Why Hydraulic • Becoming more popular as standard fitments on newer vehicle applications • Hydro Mounts have chambers which contain hydraulic fluid to provide secondary dampening • Engine Mounts are critical to a vehicles’ handling and performance • We offer a range of hydraulic engine mounts in OE brands such as Corteco, Hutchinson and Lemforder and Starline.

Top Strut Mountings

Corteco is one of the leading suppliers of components for the independent automotive aftermarket. As a member of the global Freudenberg Group, we supply over 26,000 products in OEM quality. Independent garages trust in Corteco spare parts and therefore benefit from the original quality made by Freudenberg. Corteco has manufacturing plants/ distribution centres in over 15 different countries. • Leading OE • OEM quality and performance • A range covering the majority of European vehicles • Strut mounts include ball bearing. Original Equipment

Original Equipment

NTN-SNR is one of the world’s leading designers, developers, and manufacturers of bearings, linear modules, constant velocity joints, encoders, tensioners, vehicle spare parts, maintenance products, and servicing solutions. • Quality and performance • Original quality products • A range covering the majority of European vehicles • Complete kits, with all the elements for a complete repair • A strut mount with high-quality rubber and metal inserts.

1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty *

1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty *

Around the engine


Make the most from batteries this autumn and winter

Download our latest catalogue

Every battery, for every application A bold claim, but one we are happy to stand behind. With a wide range, depth of stock, we have the batteries you need. Whether that’s an aftermarket product you require, or Original Equipment, we have it, and from some of the worlds leading battery manufactures.

The largest branch network! We recognise that being able to get your customers back out on the road quickly and free up space on your ramp is imperative (time is money). So how do we get product to you quickly? Easy, with the largest branch network Spanning the UK and Ireland, our dedicated branch and support staff go the extra mile so that you always have the product you need.

Explore Starline Batteries Range The UK’s fastest growing battery brand

and largest Start-Stop range

Find out more about our Starline range

99%+ car parc coverage

Around the engine Get what you need with our latest battery offers





AGM 096


Part Number




44477800S €105 .99

Promo Price

€33 .99

€47 .99

€53 .99




AGM 096


Part Number


444770270 €60 .99


444778006 €157 .99

Promo Price

€46 .99

€69 .99




AGM 096


Part Number

444770637 €59 .99

444770277 €82 .99

444770967 €99 .99

444778008 €176 .99

Promo Price

Free display materials Holding the right stock at the right time can be critical for a garage to get vehicles in and out of the workshop without tying up ramps. An easy way you can do this is with a battery stand. These stands can hold quick moving batteries so you always have them to hand.

Purchase any 6 standard lead acid


Any 2 Start-Stop batteries

and get a

FREE Battery Stand

Battery Stand: 997776660

Starline Header: 9997774351

Bosch Header: 997774031

Exide Header: 412991001

LKQ Euro Car Parts. Offers available 17th October – 31st December 2023 ONLY. We reserve the right to amend/withdraw any offer in any way and at any time without compensation. E & O prices exclude VAT. Trade only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. Copyright © 2023 Euro Car Parts.

Around the wheel engine


Are you checking every battery entering your workshop? If not, then you’re missing out on a huge profit opportunity… Testing the health of a customer’s battery is paramount to keeping their vehicle on the road. By automatically testing every vehicle you see, you’ll be taking your customer service to the ‘next level’. Whether you’re informing customers that they can rest easy that their battery is in good health, or giving them the opportunity to update their failing battery before they leave your workshop – both outcomes will have a positive impact on your workshops reputation, and increase your chances of repeat custom.

Did you know?

One in three vehicles entering your workshop could require a new battery?

Three out of four customers would

40% of national breakdowns occur from a direct result of battery failure

It should take no longer than 10 minutes to check a standard lead battery

purchase and replace a battery the same day

What can you potentially earn from testing?

Average battery profit from testing:



Standard Batteries

Start-Stop Batteries

€ 68 .00 € 69 .00 € 137 .00

€ 142 .00 € 69 .00 € 211 .00

Average selling price to customer

Workshop average hourly labour rate

Total price to customer*

A workshop typically has 10 vehicles a day (depending on size) testing these vehicles could translate into 3 vehicles requiring a new battery a day (1 in 3).

Potential return:

Testing quantity

Standard Batteries

Start-Stop Batteries

€ 411 .00*

€ 633 .00* € 3,165 .00* € 12,660 .00*

Daily (3 a day)

€ 2,055 .00* € 8,220 .00*

Weekly (15 a week)

Monthly (60 a month)

*Total minus workshop battery purchase.

Around the wheel 12 Volt power for hybrids & EVs Around the engine


switches off, to lock and unlock the car and also serve as an additional power supply to buffer the electrical system. They ensure that important safety functions such as ABS and ESP are working at all times. AGM and EFB batteries are far from being obsolete. Their construction and behaviour as well as their lack of electronics make them a reliable and robust power source.

the initial power source to start up the high voltage system; to ensure the uninterrupted function of safety critical systems, in case of a traction battery failure; also for key off-loads like the central locking system. Lead-acid AGM and EFB batteries have proven their reliability for years, making them the perfect choice for supporting the 12 volt electrical system on electric or hybrid electric vehicles. They step in when the high voltage battery fails or

12V Lead Acid Batteries continue to power all types of vehicles, from Conventional to Full Electric and every type of vehicle in between. There is a misconception that Electric Vehicles or Hybrid Vehicles don’t require a 12 volt lead-acid battery, but have you ever wondered what happens when the high voltage battery stops working? In addition to the high voltage traction battery you will find a second one: a 12 volt lead acid battery acting as

What do you need to think about in your workshop? More of these types of vehicles will start to appear in your workshop over time, as they fall out off service plans and warranties. Like conventional vehicles, testing the battery is probably more paramount, as the 12 volt battery will be working extra hard powering numerous infotainment units, safety elements, sensors and in car tech.

12 Volt battery in electric cars In electric vehicles all these consumers are supplied by a lead-acid battery

• Interior light • Driver assistance systems • Alarm system • Radio/ Soundsystem • Navigation system • Dashboard • Door locking system • Onboard computer to start and control the high voltage battery.

In case of failure of the high voltage battery • Windshild wipers • Power steering • Brakes and brake booster.

Around the engine


Spark plugs at the ready

Spark are important components of a vehicle. Regular inspection and maintenance of these plugs are necessary to ensure optimal performance and avoid a reduction in fuel efficiency and engine problems. We’ve got a wide range of quality products to help customers get the job done.

DENSO • Optimum performance in a compact design • Built by DENSO in-house, with ‘zero defects’ as standard • Designs suitable for over 90% of car models • Developed in-house for a wide range of applications • Creators of the world’s first Platinum, Iridium & SIP spark plugs – innovation is in our DNA. Bosch • 120 years of development to achieve optimal engine performance • Designed to withstand extreme conditions • Bosch responded to the need for longer lasting spark plugs with the use of precious metals such as platinum and iridium • In the last 10 years, Bosch has supplied half a billion spark plugs to original equipment manufacturers. NGK • The world’s No. 1 spark plug • Improved on-the-road performance and fuel economy coupled with lower emissions • Available in Nickel, Platinum and Iridium • Large car parc coverage.

Nitrogen Oxide Sensors (NOx) coming soon....

Don’t forget about our service kit builder on Omnipart

Click here

AROUND THE ENGINE Around the engine


Reliable Starters and Alternators

Bosch eXchange With more than 2.000 different types of Bosch offers an exceptionally wide exchange program of starters and alternators for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and agricultural and special machinery. Its high market share in original equipment is testament to the high level of confidence, which vehicle manufacturers have in Bosch. Comprehensive Product Range • Extensive – 2.000 starters and alternators for passenger cars • More than 200 starters and alternators for commercial vehicles • Constant addition of new products guarantees an up-to-date range • Superior market coverage – more than 90% in Europe.


Starter Motors and Alternators

As we continue to grow our range of Starline products, we have expanded our electrical offering. We have been supplying sensors, switches, coils etc under the Starline brand. Starters and alternators were the next logical step. Under the Starline brand, we have taken our know-how from RTX, mproved it, and also added an extended 2 year warranty. These products will be in stock imminently, ready to fit to customer vehicles. This range of product covers 90%+ of the passenger vehicle and LCV market.

Surcharge Free To make our range of rotating units even more attractive to our customers, we have now removed the surcharge on alternators and starter motors. Customers will no longer have to return the old core making the whole process simpler for the customer.


What is remanufacturing? Lucas starters and alternators are remanufactured, which means they renovate used parts or components in order to make them perform as well or even better than new OE parts. The Lucas range of starters and alternators is one of the widest in the market, covering almost all types of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Europe. Besides, they offer a long list of starters and alternators used for trucks, industry, marine, agriculture, and busses.

• Guaranteed fit for all OE numbers listed • Online support available.

• Plug and play • 3 year warranty

• Special information supplied with each starter or alternator

Remanufactured, 3 year unlimited mileage warranty

Around the engine


As part of Toyota group, Aisin bring their dedicated specialist technology to the aftermarket, creating exact OE quality product.AISIN Aftermarket (AM) products are among the best replacement parts in the automotive world. Number one for Toyota clutches. Our AM clutches, clutch kits and spares are identical quality to our OE products. OE LEGACY BROUGHT TO AFTERMARKET

Top Tip for Timing Belt and Water Pumps Why you should recommend the water pump be changed along with the timing belt… The SKF timing belt and water pump kit

It is not necessary to replace both at the same time, however, it is highly recommended due to the high risk of engine damage. All parts of the synchronous drive have the same mileage and wear. If one of the parts is not replaced and loaded again by the timing belt adjustment, this can lead to a failure after a short time. What’s in it for your customer? They could save money in the long run as you only have to do the work to get to the synchronous drive once. How often should they be changed? Each car model has its own maintenance times. It is recommended to follow the official maintenance calendar of the car to be sure the engine is in good shape. A timing belt and water pump may last longer than the time specified by the car’s manual, but if we wait past the recommend time, there is risk of critical failure. If the timing belt breaks or the water pump fails, the damage to the engine can be extreme. Discover how SKF is committed to extending the physical lifespan of the existing vehicle parc with their parts and services Learn more

SKF offers high-end precise timing belt kits for most of the car models in the market. By using one of their kits, you are assured of a high-quality product to be fitted to your customers car, thereby increasing the life of the engine, and you and your cusomters can live with the peace of mind of having top of the line products. The kits include everything needed to

perform a complete engine timing belt kit and water pump replacement. The same kit usually fits several models of a brand, or even several brands, which means that you should take a look at the available kits and check beforehand for proper fitment. If it doesn’t, you can always contact them to ask for information product-assortment/timing-system

Around the engine


Valeo’s OE Pedigree on Transmission: A Class Above Valeo’s main areas of expertise are in the manufacturing of OE clutches and DMFs. Offering three top-of-the-line product ranges for the Independent Aftermarket (IAM), Valeo’s goal is to provide high quality transmission products that suit an array of needs and requirements. Happily, Valeo also offers the IAM the exact same range of products that are installed as original equipment on major international brands such as Mercedes and Renault. These ranges come in the form of different products such as clutch kits and DMFs for dual dry and dual wet clutch transmissions, actuators for dual dry clutches and coupling rotors for hybrid applications.

Valeo’s Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) Valeo’s Pendulum Dual Mass flywheel Gen.2 (PACE award winner in 2022), is recognized throughout the industry for its innovative reduction of noise, vibration, and harshness. This technology is essential for the performance of hybrid vehicles because they require a strong filtration system to maintain both longevity and comfort within the vehicle. Valeo demonstrates how its Pendulum Damper technology can be used to enable solutions that reduce gas emissions and pollution in hybrid vehicles and in vehicles with electrified Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCTs). Valeo’s Dual Dry Clutches (DDC) Another of Valeo’s first class range is the Dual Dry Clutch range, which is 100% OE technology. Valeo’s DDCs were designed to offer a continuous transmission of engine power, with minimum torque loss during gear change, to allow a smooth acceleration and fostering powerful driving sensations. Gear disengagement operates without electrical power being controlled by the electromechanical actuator. All these innovations put together enhance comfort, lower vibrations and resistance, ultimately reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Valeo’s Dual Wet Clutches (DWC) Last but not least in Valeo’s high quality transmission range are the Dual Wet Clutches (DWC), which offer another innovative solution for those seeking a smooth and efficient driving experience. Valeo’s Dual Wet Clutches offer superior performance when compared to traditional clutches by offering better heat dissipation, which prevents overheating and ensures consistent performance over time. The entire shifting process is rapid and without any interruption in torque. This results in improved acceleration and smoother gear changes, again creating a more comfortable driving experience and greater fuel efficiency. DWCs are also known for their versatility and can be used in a variety of vehicles, including hybrid vehicles.

Around the engine


Belt drive water pumps

When a customer is changing a timing belt, it’s standard practice these days to change the water pump at the same time if it’s driven by the timing belt. After all, it’s basically just another bearing- based component in the timing drive system, just like the tensioner and idlers - so why wouldn’t you? Remind the customer that if the pump fails, then the chances are that the belt drive will be compromised, resulting in a potentially time-consuming and extremely costly engine failure.

Did you know… As the water pump is driven by the timing belt, it is referred to as a ‘parasitic’ drive component, because it derives power from the timing drive system by nature of its engagement with the belt. By powering the Water Pump using the Timing Belt drive system, engine designers can save space, making for a shorter, more compact engine unit.

INA is extremely careful to select the very best OE manufacturers to produce its water pump range. By ensuring the highest Schaeffler-approved quality standards and offering the same warranty for both the original Timing Belt KITs and our Timing Belt KIT+ (including Water Pump) range.

These same principles apply to the Front End Auxiliary Drive (FEAD) system in applications which feature an Auxiliary Belt driven Water Pump, when best practice would be to replace the pump at the same time as the FEAD belt. For absolute peace of mind, the entire FEAD belt drive system needs to be examined, as it’s not just the belt that is subject to wear, but also the OAP or OAD (Overrunning Alternator Pulley or Decoupler) where fitted, all of the tensioner and idler pulleys, and the TVD (Torsional vibration damper). All of these components are integral to the healthy running of the engine and safety critical FEAD system.

Around the engine


Multi V-belts for driving ancillary components in cars and commercial vehicles.

Elastic multi V-belts for ancillary drives without a tensioning pulley. Elastic multi V-belts enable the non-positive power transmission of torque in belt drives without a tensioning pulley. Their task: To drive alternators, fans, water pumps, AC compressors and power steering systems in modern engines. The high quality of the Continental multi V-belts guarantees perfect performance.

Design and function An elastic multi V-belt consists essentially of: A + C) Synthetic rubber, sometimes fiber- reinforced B) Elastic polyester tension member Replacement interval: Elastic multi V-belts are subject to aging and wear. They therefore have to be regularly checked and replaced. The checking and replacement intervals are always specified by the vehicle manufacturer and must be complied with. Continental recommends changing the belt every 120,000 km if in doubt.

Tips: • Elastic multi V-belts must never be replaced by normal multi V-belts • Continental also offers practical sets with an Multi V-Belt Elast + Tool for many drives • Elastic multi V-belts can be re-used if they were not damaged during removal

• May only be used in vehicles factory-fitted with elastic belts • Can only be fitted using Continental special tool • Determine belt wear using Conti Belt Wear Tester (BWT).

Around the engine



However, providing the exact timing belt change procedure is followed to the letter, an oval crankshaft sprocket introduces a periodic timed ‘excitation’ into the belt drive to basically cancel out the amplitude, therefore removing the vibration. It’s a similar story for ‘tri-oval’ camshaft sprockets, which remove vibration by utilising three ovals 120° apart. As the valves open they create a vibration which worsens with speed, which the three ovals cancel out. Branding is the same as for VAG products, with the words ‘SmartSprocket’ and ‘Litens’ featuring on ‘tri-oval’ sprockets. Note: PSA/Ford sprockets will not have the Litens logo, but usually have a recessed hole in the sprocket or crank sensor ring.

Many independent mechanics are not yet aware of some major new technical product advances that vehicle manufacturers have introduced in the timing belt drive systems of a variety of engine applications. These latest developments are ‘oval’ crankshaft sprockets and ‘tri-oval’ camshaft sprockets. The crankshaft sprockets are fitted to a variety of engine/vehicle combinations produced by VAG, PSA and Ford, including petrol and diesel applications. Before we explain their purpose and why they are important, let’s look at how you can identify them. For the VAG components, you’d be hard pushed to see any difference between a round and oval sprocket if you had them both on a table in front of you. However, if you roll them across the table, it soon becomes clear that strange forces are at work here! You will instantly see that the oval sprocket’s irregular shape affects how it rolls, culminating in a rocking back and forth motion as it comes to a stop. Also, if you look at the writing on a VAG crankshaft sprocket (not PSA or Ford) and see the words ‘SmartSprocket’ and the name Litens, then you are looking at an oval sprocket. Like INA, Litens is an OE timing system component manufacturer, and as they hold the patent to the designs, we include their products inside our belt kits. The traditional round unit will just have a VAG logo and part number (see pic). Another important difference is that two separate locking tools are used, one for oval ‘smart’ sprockets and another for the traditional round sprocket designs. So, what is the purpose of an oval sprocket? Well, the increasing pressures associated with High Pressure Fuel Pumps (which can be up to 2,700 Bar!), have a direct effect on the timing belt, which drives the HPFP. As the pressure builds in the rail, the pump tries to slow the camshaft down slightly, at the same time as the engine is going through its firing cycle. This change in speed creates an amplitude in the belt drive, which is then transmitted around the entire system as vibration.

Oval / ‘Smart’ camshaft sprocket vs traditional round sprocket

Oval Crankshaft SmartSprocket

Around the engine


Around the engine


How Schaeffler is helping to increase the range of electrified vehicles

One-in-five new cars now has an electrified power train

High-efficiency bearings reduce friction losses in all systems

Advanced thermal management and e-axle solutions

More and more drivers are choosing vehicles with an electrified power train, whether that may be fully electric (BEV), plug-in (PHEV) or hybrid (HEV). However, range anxiety remains the number one issue for those unsure about making the change, with every second driver in Europe listing it as one of their top three concerns they have with electrified vehicles*. In Germany, one in five new cars with battery-electric drive was sold in July 2023. However, range of electric vehicles is a commonly cited issue, with every second EV/hybrid driver in Europe reporting it as one of the top three concerns they have with their vehicles. On top of that, the motor isn’t the only thing drawing on the battery. Especially in winter, all those creature comforts also use electricity – at the expense of range. Schaeffler is doing a lot of work in this space, as CEO Automotive Technologies Matthias Zink explains: “Schaeffler is developing solutions to combat range anxiety. Our smart technical solutions and wide range of components and systems for fully electrified powertrains improve the day-to-day practicality of electric vehicles by reducing power consumption and increasing range.” Drivers thus have to charge their cars less frequently. Depending on the design of the vehicle application, vehicle manufacturers can also use the energy savings to make the battery smaller and thus the vehicle more cost-effective. “Schaeffler is developing solutions to combat range anxiety. Our smart technical solutions and wide range of components and systems for fully electrified powertrains improve the day-to-day practicality of electric vehicles by reducing power consumption and increasing range”

Matthias Zink, Automotive Technologies CEO at Schaeffler

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Why use SiC Silicon Carbide Cat Converter? It won’t melt easily with its super high 2,700°C melting point during regeneration. Made by connecting small chunks with special cement, it’s built to handle heat expansion. And on top of that, it shows off an impressive 99% filtration efficiency.

Stock visibility through Omnipart

Klarius are the UK’s leading exhaust manufacturer and all of their product is Type Approved and manufactured in the UK at their facility near Stoke on Trent. Their comprehensive range covers over 97% of the vehicle parc with over

6,000 exhaust part numbers. Klarius exhausts come with a market leading 3 year warranty. You can now see Klarius stock availability through Omnipart!

3 year warranty

• High thermal conductivity • Low thermal expansion • Thermal shock resistant • Semiconductor • Corrosive resistant

• Does not melt at any known pressure • One of the strongest known materials – ranked just below diamond.

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Introducing the new range of OPTIMAL Turbochargers OPTIMAL Turbos are remanufactured to the highest standard using new

replacement parts are tested for optimum performance before leaving the factory. Every OPTIMAL Turbo comes with a fitting kit and 2 years/24k mile warranty as standard. Top tips for failed Turbo’s LACK OF POWER • Check that filter, hoses and pipes 2 year warranty

New to range

are clean and in good condition • Check that the fuel injection system is in good condition and correctly adjusted • Check that the exhaust system, including catalyst and DPF, is not blocked or damaged. NOISY PERFORMANCE • Check that the pipework and support brackets are not loose or damaged and that the connections are good • Check for any leakages or cracks in the intercooler.


EXCESSIVE SMOKE OR OIL CONSUMPTION • Check that air filters are not restricted or blocked • Check that engine oil specifications strictly correspond to car manufacturer’s recommendations • Check that the oil drain pipe is clean and not restricted • Check for excessive pressure in engine crankcase and correct function of engine breather system • Check that hoses and joints are in good condition • Check for lubrication problems in engine block if oil or carbon deposits are found on exhaust manifolds or in the turbine.

We have an extensive range of Turbos available off the shelf, contact your local branch!

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Ad Blue/UREA parts from Bosch Throughout 2023, we will introducing new Ad Blue/UREA products from Bosch, what can you expect?

Vehicle Application

Year From

Vehicle Application

Year From

Product No.

Product No.

DNOX5.x Supply Pump Kit / Adblue pump module

11.07- 09.20

VAG 3.0,4.2TDi

01.10- 05.18 05.10- 11.15

DNOX3.1 Heating Pot Kit / Adblue Tank Heater

441449010 VAG 2.0TDi


Land Rover 2.0TD4 Mercedes 2.1D BlueTec



441449030 VAG 2.0TDi



Vehicle Application Jaguar, Land Rover 2.0D Mercedes Sprinter 2.1D Renault, Vauxhall 1.6dCi, 2.3DCi VAG 1.6,2.0,3.0TDi Land Rover 2.0,3.0,4.4TD

Year From

Product No.

441229020 BMW 2.0d 03.11>

Renault 2.3dCi





DNOX3.1 Supply Module Kit / Adblue pump + injector module



Vehicle Application Mercedes 2.1D, VAG 2.0TDi

Year From

Product No.

DNOX3.1-5.x Dosing module / Adblue injector





11.07- 09.20




Our product protects the entire Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system from Adblue crystallisation, Adblue Crystallisation Prevention Solution A one-of-a-kind preventative solution to address Adblue crystallisation issues.

preventing costly repairs and keeping the system clean. It’s incredibly easy to use - simply pour the solution directly into the Adblue tank during refilling.

Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR)

What is an SCR?

Wynn’s Crystal Clean and Protect 555770477

Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) technology has been around for a number of years, It was first introduced on Heavy Commercial Vehicles one of the most cost and fuel effective ways of reducing nitrogen oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NOx) emissions. This technology has become more commonplace to treat emissions from diesel engines over 1.5L following the introduction of Euro 6 emissions standards in 2015, which cut permitted NOx emissions by more than 50%. SCR technology can reduce a vehicle’s NOx emissions by up to 90%, whilst also reducing hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter emissions.

Full detailed instructions can be found on the product label. Shop now on Omnipart.

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LKQ Euro Car Parts Exclusively offer Lucas Diesel in the UK since 2016. Lucas remanufactures all Brands of Diesel Pumps and injectors including Bosch, Delphi, Denso and VDO. Their leading technology and innovation mean they are first to market offering a Reman solution for the newest applications.

LKQ Euro Car Parts have a Lucas option for 95% of Diesel Injectors and Pumps. These numbers are rising as Lucas bring out New to Range references. There are many references that have been discontinued by the OE manufacturers and Lucas can still offer a complete Remanufacture on these units keeping classic vehicles going for longer

Distributor Injection Pumps

Common Rail Injection Pumps

Early Type Injectors

Unit Injectors

Common Rail Injectors

Lucas Diesel remanufactured products have traceability via the QR code found on the Lucas sticker. Information stored on the QR code includes results from test bench IMA programming codes and date of remanufacture. This sticker can be found on all Lucas Diesel Pumps and Injectors.

Access to the Technical Information













Lucas Remanufactured Pumps and Injectors carry a 24-month warranty where OE manufacturers offer only 12 months.





Lucas Diesel offer a dedicated Technical support helpline for garages who encounter difficulties when fitting or coding. 0800 160 1113





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Using OEM-prescribed coolant is just as important as engine oil and a universal coolant does not exist (anymore). The importance of using OEM-prescribed coolant

More than 8 different types of coolant liquids are already stipulated as a mandatory requirement by car manufacturers. Severe engine damage is often the result of a malfunctioning cooling system due to the use of the wrong coolant. Modern cars with combustion engines are equipped with high-tech, complex cooling systems.

Thing to remember when it comes to using coolant

• The colour of the coolant is only an indication of the type of product: it says nothing about quality. For example, some G12+ products are yellow or amber coloured. These can best be topped up with the clear G12+ coolant (86000CBL) to prevent colour deviations. • Asian car brands often prescribe coolants containing hybrid phosphates (86000CLP). Products containing silicate should never be used in that case • G13 coolant contains glycerol. This means they’ll need a special refractometer to read out the frost protection correctly.

• Only use the coolants specified by the manufacturer • Check the MPM website to find out which coolant fluid is prescribed for which vehicle • There is no universal coolant: encourage garages to be wary of so-called Universal/multi-vehicle coolants • Garages should never mix different types of coolant (there are some exceptions. Always ask MPM for advice in such cases) • Always recommend the replacement of coolant after a leak in the head gasket has been repaired

Coolant hoses are crucial to regulate engine temperature, prevent overheating, and enhance performance by circulating coolant. Contributing to extended engine life. Opting for high-quality hoses is a wise investment, ensuring top-notch engine function, efficiency, and reliability. New to range – Febi Coolant hoses

Part number


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