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Auxiliary drive belts are subject to constant thermal and contaminant exposure which highlights the importance of routine inspection of belt components. This is often overlooked by both vehicle owners and automotive professionals.

67% of adults* struggle to fund an unexpected bill of €500 or more and 44% of drivers worry about how they will pay for repairs which may be needed to their cars. With the additional pressures Covid-19 has placed on disposable income even more drivers will find themselves unable to pay for required vehicle repairs. How does Payment Assist help your customer? Payment Assist offers a simple, short-term, interest free loan to customers who have a one-off or unexpected vehicle repair bill. With a simple soft credit check and no footprint on their credit history, customers can spread the cost of a one- off bill/purchase over three equal interest and fee free payments. How does Payment Assist help you? The agreement for all instalment payments is with Payment Assist and therefore has ZERO RISK for the garage. Garages will also get paid within five working days. All that’s required is a 25% upfront payment and garages are charged 7.5% of the invoice value. Meaning your customers can get the required work done, you get paid for the work and, on top of it all, you don't lose a possible sale or customer. Advertise this service in your garage by downloading the lastest posters from Omnihub HERE .

Why should you visually inspect a belt drive? A visual inspection of these components during a vehicle service or MOT is often enough to determine whether a drive belt replacement is needed and ensures that a vehicle does not experience a belt failure while in motion. LKQ Euro Car Parts recommends that any service or MOT includes the visual inspection of auxiliary drive belts to ensure that components can be replaced prior to failure. It is also best practice to replace drive belts when replacing components within the same serpentine system. Benefits for your customer Checking the belt drive as part of an MOT or service means that you can give your customers peace of mind whether that means informing them that the components have been checked and are in working order, or to advise the parts will require changing. Either way, it's a win-win. Letting your customer know you've checked the components shows your willingness to go above and beyond, securing their loyalty and future proofing their return business. And if the parts need replacing? Then

* Base on 68% of UK adults struggle to fund an unexpected bill of €500 or more.

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Benefit for your customer ■ Ability to spread the cost of an unexpected repair bill over a short time frame ■ No credit checks for bills less than €1,000 ■ 25% initial payment followed by three further interest free instalments ■ No arrangement fees.

Benefit for your business ■ Helps convert customers who cannot afford the large repair bill in one hit ■ Payment is made to your garage within five days ■ No risk to the business ■ Helps you build a relationship with your customer.

you've created an extra sale and reassured a customer. Imagine if they had left your workshop then broken down…

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Technicians usually change timing belts when they have reached their duty cycle through time, mileage, or arduous conditions. It is best practice to change driveline components at the same time as the belt. The water pump, when driven by the timing belt, is just another bearing in the timing system and it is recommended to replace the water pump when renewing the timing belt components. If the timing belt fails, whether due to simple age, or the failure of a tension pulley or bearing, the water pump will likely fail along with it. Benefits to your customer If you don’t change the water pump with the timing belt the likelihood is the water pump will fail. This will probably incur another trip to the garage for the customer, but not necessarily yours. Retain a customer and fit both together! LKQ Euro Car Parts stock a comprehensive range of INA and Dayco water pump kits to meet the market requirement for a complete timing system repair solution.

The most effective application from fault to fix

HaynesPro WorkshopData™ combines essential maintenance and repair data with detailed technical drawings. Using a unique electronic data modules and intelligent diagnostics, enables mechanics to diagnose, maintain and repair passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.**

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Key HaynesPro features ■ Up to four simultaneous users at one time ■ Includes labour and repair times ■ Wiring diagrams, guided diagnostics, technical service, bulletins and recalls ■ One single access to 99% of makes based on OEM data.

Benefits to your business ■ Helps identify issues quickly and reduces on-job times as well as non-billable hours ■ Very easy to use and mobile friendly, most information is no more than two clicks away ■ Keeps all garage functions running simultaneously ■ Gives your garage the bespoke step up, propelling you into the best of the best.

* Contact your branch for more details on this offer. ** Truck diagnostics can be added as an additional subscription at an additional fee.



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