Stanners Product Flyer - UK Nov23

Transform Your Dent Pulling Capabilities

Stanners Excalibur XL Tower Puller 278770550 • A chain pull system for body shop repairs that thanks to its pneumatic vacuum system anchors to the ground without the need for fixings • Under the support base there is a special seal rubber that adheres to any type of floor allowing tractions up to 2,500 kg and an operating pressure from 4 bar up. Tallest tower on the market. Perfect for high sided commercial vehicles.

Electro Power 5T Hand-held Push-Pull Body Repair Kit 278770560

£1,999 .00 and outside the vehicle to align car body structures easily with one hand. No cumbersome cords, hoses, or hand pumps are needed to complicate its use. ONLY The Electro Power battery operated push-pull tool provides the most convenient metal auto body re- alignment capabilities with the push of a button. A total deployment of 5 Tons of power can be used inside


£1,749 .00

Stanners Alu Arc Dent Puller Package 278770070

Uses new Fusion Welding Technology for larger and faster repairs.

• Stanners offers the latest aluminium dent puller in our range • New fusion welding technology – the advantage of our newAlu Arc Gas Pull system over more traditional units is that it welds an aluminium key to the panel like a steel dent puller for much stronger dent pulling over larger areas

• The unit also uses pure argon gas to shield the welding process and create a cleaner weld to the surface of the aluminium panel • The result is a quicker process and much stronger weld giving the ability to do larger repairs (within reason) to aluminium panels over traditional older aluminium dent systems.


£2,799 .00

Prices valid between 20th November – 31st December 2023. All prices exclude VAT. Price, availability and specification may change without prior notice. Warranty subject manufacturers terms and conditions of use. Errors and omissions excluded. Order parts online, head to Prices correct at time of publish: November 2023. Contact your local account manager or branch now! All Stanners body repair equipment available from LKQ. Demos available on request

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