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What do low emission zones mean for you and your business? The rollout of low emission zones around the country is a hot topic.

So where are they?

In Bath, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Portsmouth, Sheffield , and Tyneside (Newcastle and Gateshead) there are clean air zones (CAZ). And there’s one in Greater Manchester currently under review.

In Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen there are low emission zones (LEZ), although only Glasgow’s is being enforced so far, with the rest to follow in May 2024.

In London , there’s the low emission zone (LEZ) and ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) .

Different zones work in different ways, but they share a common objective: to reduce air pollution in cities by limiting or discouraging access for older, more polluting vehicles.

Is this the end of petrol and diesel vehicles in urban centres? No. There isn’t going to be a sudden overnight switch as everyone moves into EVs and hybrids.

Let’s use London’s ULEZ as an example – and bear in mind it’s got the strictest set of rules and requirements of the lot. This is about targeting the oldest, most polluting vehicles out there.

£ 12 .50



Daily charge

For diesel, it’s Euro 6 this is mandatory for new vehicles for close to 10 years.

Euro 4 is the requirement for petrol vehicles to avoid the £12.50 daily charge to drive in the ULEZ – and it’s been mandatory for all new cars and LCVs for nearly 20 years. That’s a lot of cars on the roads that won’t be affected.

Will I lose business? 1 in 2 drivers have changed their repairer since purchasing an EV and 26% customers prefer a specialized EV repairer. You’ll lose these customers – and potentially the other cars in their household should they follow suit – if you don’t have the specialist skills and equipment to work on hybrids and EVs. Some drivers with non-compliant vehicles might look for a new garage, outside of a restricted zone, that they can drive to for free. So there is likely to be a small reduction in customer numbers for workshops in emissions-restricted areas. Additionally, others might take the opportunity to trade up into the latest, cleanest technology.

So what’s my next move?

1. Training: It’s time to get hybrid and EV ready, ensuring your technicians can carry out the work, and your front-of-house staff are ready and able to discuss customers’ requirements and get them booked in.

2. Tooling: You’ll need charge points, the correct safety equipment, PPE and lifting equipment before you can work on EVs. Speak to your local LKQ Euro Car Parts branch or account manager to find out about the great value packs we’ve put together to get you up and running.

3.Marketing: It’s important to promote and grow your EV specialism so that customers can find you, online and on social media. Our new LKQ Academy course, ‘Becoming an EV Garage’ covers this and more, and will help you make EV servicing a profitable new workstream.

4.Upselling: EVs have far fewer

moving parts than ICE* vehicles, which can have an impact on servicing and maintenance revenue. Think about the added value you can offer when customers come in – at this time of year, winter checks can identify opportunities to upsell.

At the moment, 43,000 technicians in the UK are EV-trained.

The IMI predicts that by 2030 we’ll need 107,000 – and that we’re heading for a 13,000 shortfall by 2032.

100k 110k

107,000 technicians will be needed

40k 50k 60k 70k 80k 90k

94,000 technicians expected

43,000 technicians at the moment









* Internal combustion engine.

311,000 EV cars



Around half of all new cars sold now are plug-in , up from one in 10 vehicles in 2019, and EVs have now hit 15% adoption in the UK.

The UK car parc will still be dominated by ICE vehicles into 2030 , but its makeup is changing now.

Nearly 191,000 EVs were sold in 2021, which means more than 311,000 will be due for MOT next year.

During this period of transition, it’s important that you retain each and every customer as and when they make the move. And if you get ahead of the competition, you can win some new customers along the way.

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